Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One-third of the way!!!!

Today was round #2...and that dang Taxotere just does NOT like my little girl!  Luckily, they had given her an extra bag of "pre-medications" like Benadryl and some steroids to help counteract the reaction she had last time.  It didn't prevent it, but it did help.  She turned bright red, got really hot, couldn't breathe very well, but the blue face was more like gray.  Today she lasted about five minutes (only 3 minutes last time) before she could feel it creeping up on her.  It begins in her stomach, then rises to her chest which is what affects her breathing, and then to her head.

Since she doesn't have any hair anymore, I could see just how red it became!  She said that her face felt like it was full of liquid, which would explain why it swells up so big.  Apparently she and that drug are sworn enemies!!!  Luckily she had four parents in the room with her at the time. 

Tonight she has been VERY tired.  She just really needs her rest right now.  It is obvious that today was hard on her both physically and emotionally.  She is a little bossy :) but that is okay.  I think I am floating in the same boat with her.  I think we could all sleep for 24 hours at this point!

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  1. Morgan you are such a fighter. Look how your body responds to an attack. We love you and think of you always. You're in our prayers and we know that you have angels round about you!