Saturday, September 11, 2010

Morgan's Message Is Around The World!!!

My friend Kami sent this to me and it was so amazing I wanted to share it with all of you! It is amazing...the power and impact that Morgan's story has had on so many people in so many places around the world!

September 9 at 1:21pm

This is from Chris's girlfriend in Seattle WA:

Hi Kami. Your Mom talked to Chris yesterday and let him know about Morgan. SO sad! Just wanted you to know she's in all of our thoughts and prayers. I asked for prayers on my wall yesterday too. I am also a part of a Random Acts of Kindness group that a friend from Ann Arbor started. We're at about 2500 members strong right now. Well today I found this as our Thursday message and thought I'd pass it along to you:

Hello all,

As you can imagine I get many many requests and suggestions for our do good Thursday. I try to place them in a list and get the items I can in a challenge to you each week.

Yesterday I have read a status from one of my favorite Pacific West Coast do good warriors. The status talked about a young girl of the age of 15. At 15 this young lady should be worrying about the dress to the homecoming dance, having fun thinking about Boys, looking forward to when she turns 16 and getting her "freedom" in a form of a License.

Instead this young Lady by the name of Morgan is in the fight of her life, a fight that most of us will never truly know. Morgan is 15 and was diagnosed with a highly aggressive form of breast 15....

As a parent myself, as a person myself reading this just breaks my heart to say the least.

So this week’s do good assignment, I am asking each and everyone of you not only to pass thoughts and prayers to Morgan and her family, but on Tuesday September 14, I declare is support Morgan day, I ask that you wear pink in Morgan's honor so that we may send her our do good vibes letting her know that on this day, we the warriors of RAK are behind her and we are here thinking of her on this day.

Do good warriors of RAK I hope you can join me on Tuesday in Honor of this 15 yr old girl named Morgan and let’s take the day to send our RAK to her in this small gesture of support!!

Thanks for all you do my friends!!


Just got an update from Frank and he got over 500 emails from people in the group talking about wearing pink for Morgan on Tuesday. A lot of people are recruiting people in their office to wear pink for her too. So if you talk to Morgan's Mom or Janice, let them know that people all over the country are going to be praying for her. I guess that's the power of Facebook, huh?

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  1. oh my heck! i was cryin by the end of this one! :') people are amazing!