Thursday, September 23, 2010

Her hair is gone!!!!

Morgan chose to be in control of when and how her hair came out. It was starting to fall out in small clumps and Morgan wasn't really happy about that. Tonight, Morgan sat in the kitchen while Boyd, Riley, Kaylee, Travis, Taylor and I used scissors to take turns cutting small swatches of hair and putting them in a baggie.

I was able to make the first cut...and it was definitely the hardest. Once all the hair had been removed, we used shears to buzz it and clean it up. She looks amazing!!! Her head is a perfect shape without any strange markings, scars, or strange freckles/moles. You can see where her "angel kiss" belongs just over her left ear. It looks exactly like it did when she was born and had such a little amount of hair. It is in such an odd shape...sort of like Italy and Greece on the world map!

She went to Riverton's Burning of the Wolf for Homecoming right after her hair was finished. She had a beanie to wear that is her school colors and if you didn't know what we had just done, you couldn't tell. Tomorrow is the football game and then Saturday she is going to the Homecoming Dance with Cody. We still working on adjusting her dress to fit just right, but she has a solid black beanie to go with it! Leave it to Morgan to have the strength to just walk in with the "love of her life" on her arm and show those kids how things are done!

I have been trying to contact different breast cancer foundations and groups. I wrote to the co-founder/executive director of the Pink Ribbon Girls for younger breast cancer survivors. She just wrote me back and gave me her personal cell number and email so that I could contact her if needed. The support and caring of perfect strangers is just so much appreciated and so very welcome! There are days that we all wonder how we are going to make it just one more day...and then we do!

Our Church ward is going to hold a special fast this Sunday on behalf of Morgan and another ward member who just found out he has an aggressive bone cancer. Any and all of you are invited to join us(and them)!


  1. I love it!!!! What an awesome way of sharing the day to day experiences and choices of such a cherished Morgan and family. :D

  2. Okay, I'm shedding a few tears but have to say Morgan you look awesome and I LOVE that you are matching your beanies to the event and outfit. You are AWESOME!!

  3. She looks so cute even without hair. What an amazing girl!! We will be fasting with you for sure!! Love you all.

  4. Morgan you are soo cute i love you soo much...such a strong girrl you are:) AND i just wanna say i love your family and all your support as well! We are gonna have loads of fun at Homecoming! :)

  5. Leave it to you to look cute with hair or not!! You'll be in our fast on Sunday. Have fun at homecoming!!! Can't wait to see some pictures!! :)