Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another Shot....Another $6,000!!!

It is pretty obvious that this time around is a little bit harder than the first one three weeks ago.  Morgan is very tired and cannot seem to get comfortable whether sitting, lying down, standing, or walking around.  We went into the doctor's office to get her 2nd Neulasta shot today.  This one seemed to go in better, at least from my perspective.

Morgan has lots of pills to take...some for nausea, some for pain, some vitamins, amino acids, some to help her sleep, and even another to give her some energy.  The rest of the family is going in to get flu shots tomorrow to help keep her from catching it from one of us.

We have about two more weeks to wait for the genetic test results we took at Huntsman Cancer Institute.  But, we have a blood test to check on her white and red blood cells next Tuesday.  It is hard to imagine we are only one month into this....with so much more to go!

Thanks for all of the love, support, and prayers on our behalf.  Thanks for the meals, cards, gifts, and fundraising events.  Pink is everywhere!!!

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