Sunday, October 24, 2010

What's New...

Morgan is doing great after her chemo last week!  She is even doing homework!  The quarter is about to end and she has many things to get made up before then...we are hoping her teachers will work with her on this!  I think I still have an "in" with those at RHS....I hope!

I went up to Huntsman last Thursday and had my blood drawn to be tested for the same P53 gene mutation as Morgan.  I have been talking to relatives and drawing charts to show where different types of cancer has shown up in our family tree.  It has been very interesting and I have learned many things I didn't know.  It is looking more and more probable all the time.  We have to wait about four weeks for the test result so I will keep you posted as to what we find out.

October has been a very crazy month full of lots of pink ribbon merchandise and hearing the word "cancer" every time we turn on the TV whether it is in a sitcom, a drama, or the news.  We appreciate all of your support and for those of you who are wearing pink and those "contraband" I Love Boobies bracelets!  My mom saw a story on one of the local news channels the other day about a 25 year-old woman with breast cancer.  The reason they were interviewing her is because she is so young to have breast cancer!!! :)

My sister Jamie wrote an email to Ellen DeGeneres the other day to tell her about Morgan's story...that is one of the first things Morgan wanted to have happen when she found out she had breast cancer....go on the Ellen Show!  Cross your fingers!!!!! Maybe if she heard about it from many of you out there, she couldn't ignore it!!!


  1. Hey, I wrote to Ellen a couple of weeks ago too, so maybe with both of us writing we will make it happen!! Maybe more people should write in too!! Luv Ya

  2. I wrote in about a month ago too!! I hope they do something too!