Sunday, October 31, 2010

Morgan's in St. George

Morgan needed a break and some better weather than we are having here in Salt Lake.  She left on Thursday to go down to St. George and is staying with her G'ma Meikle for the weekend.  Of course she gets to spend time with Cody also.  So, you could pretty much say she is doing great right now!  It makes me feel really good to know she is happy, smiling, and having a great time.  Those days are too few and far between.

I want to personally thank a few of you who have generously donated money to our medical expenses.  You know who you are....and I just want you to know how extremely grateful we are!!!  Every little thing helps and overwhelms me....the dinners, the gifts, the  notes & cards, the pink ribbons down the street and on our door, the FB page, the visits, phone calls, CHOCOLATES and genuine concern....I would fail miserably at Thank You cards for everyone.  But, please know that not one small thing has gone unnoticed.  We do love and appreciate you, your time, your money, your generosity, and mostly your love and caring.

A few important people at Herriman High and Riverton High are trying to set up a "Fun Run" in November for all of you who want to run, walk, skip, or dance your way through.  All proceeds will go to Morgan's Donation Account which is set up at Wells Fargo.  We will get you more information as it comes available.

The love and support of all of you around us is amazing and very much appreciated!!!

P.S. Morgan got stopped in the hall the other day for wearing a hat, which is against dress code....we wondered how long it would take....simple mistake!  :)
FYI: my test results are still a week or two away...


  1. This is grandma speaking. Morg is getting ready to leave after four fun-filled days and nights. I made her watch "Rebecca" she is now a member of the "old movie club". Jeff just happened to be watching it in California at the same time..he's a member too. :) We watched hours of Golden Girls and talked about all of our girl parties, and laughed so hard we cried. Morgan's comment later was, "I've never laughed and cried so hard in my life, and it felt GOOD." No shopping, no meals out, just what was in the fridge when we felt like eating it. These were the best of times.