Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Day-After Shot...

We made a quick run into the office today for her Neulasta Shot. Just to show you how it works... Normal White Blood Cell (WBC) is 4.2 - 10.5 and the day Morgan met Dr. Beck (Oncologist) for the first time hers was 6.6. A week after her Chemo#1 it was 26.2.  Then right before Chemo #2 it was 8.3, and one week later was 52.7.  Then yesterday just before Chemo #3 it had dropped down to 7.3.

Although the entire purpose is to get her bone marrow to build white blood cells, which it is obviously doing, you can see why her body hurts so much.  Her spine, sternum, arms and legs really ache and she says that is the worst part of the chemo for her.  Her bone marrow is working overtime to build those white blood cells so she won't catch anything and everything, but also so that her numbers are high enough on the day of chemo so she can actually have it.  If her numbers are too low, they will postpone the treatments until they come up enough on their own.

I asked about Morgan not having the shot on the day after and then getting it later if needed.  Apparently the insurance company will only pay for the $6,000 shot if you do it directly after...not any later as an afterthought.  That gave me my answer!

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