Sunday, January 30, 2011

First Week at Home

Queen of the Remote!
Morgan's first few days at home were spent in bed resting.  We have her medications on a schedule and keep the liquids coming.  We take walks around the block and watch plenty of movies.  Just since the surgery Morgan has watched every single episode of Gray's Anatomy 7 seasons as well as several movies.

She is getting stronger every day and sometimes forgets her own limitations...but then she pays for it for the next few days.  She is healing well and the doctors are impressed with her progress.  We got a phone call about the pathologists report.  They said that all of the tissue was benign!  There were small spots of scar tissue found which the pathologist said was cancerous cells which were killed by the chemotherapy.  The most interesting part is that they found the same type of results in the other breast as well.  This could very well mean that if we hadn't done a "double/bi-lateral" mastectomy, then there could have been cancerous cells left in her other breast.  It looks like after all of the crazy back-and-forth decisions...we were led to make the right decision!!!  We are so grateful for the results!

Ten days after surgery two of Morgan's drains were removed.  We need to get the other two out so she can begin the tissue expansion once a week for about six weeks.  When that is over, she will have five weeks of radiation, two or three months to heal and then her reconstruction.  Trust me: next time I won't leave the recovery room until I see the pump connected to her IV!!!!

Morgan still has her up days as well as her down days...but no one could be more proud of their little girl!  Love you sweetie!!!

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