Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Hospital Stay

 Morgan was in a lot of pain when she was rolled into her room.  It was pretty bad and we all wondered where her pain pump was.  Johnny and I had talked to her surgeon that morning before surgery to make sure that her pain would be kept under control.  I knew how much it was going to hurt and I was really scared for her.  Her doctor had explained in detail about her pump so it was a mystery why she didn't have one connected already.  The nurse said that she couldn't find a written order for it and that she didn't think they normally put a pump on pediatric patients.

They tried some IV meds and also some oral meds but nothing seemed to work.  She was in so much pain and it was awful to watch.  Finally, after making some phone calls and doing what we call, "pulling a Shirley MacLaine," her other surgeon happened to walk down the hall and I grabbed him to help.  He couldn't believe that she didn't have a pain pump.  When he looked it up on the computer, they had just put in the order.  After much too long, they finally hooked her up and she was able to control the medication.

 It wasn't strong enough....I had left for the night to get some sleep and Johnny was there with Morgan alone. (We all had rooms at the Marriott by the hospital so we had a 5 minute commute) The original nurse decided to take off the pump and try oral and IV meds.  Luckily she had a good nurse who kept up with her pain and gave her shots as needed.  When I arrived in the morning and found out what had happened, (as Morgan says) "I flipped a biz!"...probably to the wrong person, but the mama bear in me came out.  The pump came back...with a stronger medication. YAY!!!

Other than that first 24 hours....we feel really good about the hospital stay.  We, the family, were treated very well at Huntsman.  The rooms are larger and have a double size couch pull-out.  There isn't a standard meal delivery, but it is more like room service.  You call in and order whatever you want from the menu.  If it is for the patient, it is included in the hospital bill...if it is for family and/or friends you pay with a credit card.  But, trust me, it is the best hospital food you'll ever eat!

There were several of us who stayed with Morgan.  Johnny and I took shifts so that one of us was with her at all times.  She was up to the bathroom on her own within the first hour and had to take seven different walks around the loop each day.  Morgan's friends came up to watch a movie and take a walk down to the second floor to see the amazing 24,000-piece puzzle on the wall.  (If you are ever up there, go see it and read the wall plaque!)

Morgan's surgery was on Friday and we brought her home on Monday with four drains attached.  She begged me all the way home not to brake fast or turn too sharp.  We made it in one piece and boy, are we glad to be home!!!

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