Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Drains Finally Gone!

After five trips up to Huntsman in early morning rush hour traffic (bleh!) Morgan was finally able to have her last drain removed!!! She is free!  (six weeks is a long time...) When we arrived the nurse took Morgan's pulse.  She asked Morgan if she felt okay or if it felt like her heart was going to run out of her chest. I asked what her pulse was and she said 145.  I was like...."no, her pulse...not her weight!"  She said, "I know!"

The doctor came in all concerned with his head nurse and they retook her pulse by hand and it still was 122.  They started murmering about things like EKG and "i-mac."  Soon two more people came in and hooked Morgan up to the EKG which was fine, but her pulse was still 100.  Been trying to upload a picture for this but for some reason it won't work....

She got a total of 30 cc's with a needle stuck straight into her chest.  It found the right spot by using a magnet which lined up with a magnet that is in the port of her expander.  It is all quite interesting.  On March 1st, one week later, she received another 60 cc's.

We have about 4 more of these procedures planned, then we can begin her five weeks of radiation by the first of April.  Some day, some way, I will get better at keeping everything up to date.

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