Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Walt Disney World!!!

Morgan was able to go to Florida with her dad & Crystal and Crystal's family during December.  She left on the 9th to go to Idaho and they flew out on the 10th to Denver and then Orlando.  She had a blast going to DisneyWorld, Universal Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Sea World.  I was worried about her being able to get around and not wear herself out...not to worry!  They rented a wheelchair so she could be pushed around the parks.

I figured that the wheelchair would give her the opportunity to go to the front of the lines.  When we had gone to Six Flags with Riley as a baby, they had let us in a different line which was used for those who needed a wheelchair.  We would go to the very front and do a "baby swap."  So, I texted Morgan and asked her if she was able to skip the lines and she said...."a girl's gotta do..."  :)

Later I found out that on the first day she was wearing her wig and looked like a young healthy girl so people didn't really let them go ahead as much.  Morgan said that anyone could rent a wheelchair and so the next day she wore just her hat.  Also, she said that she was tired of holding her wig on during the rides. :)  People treated her a little differently...which is interesting just on its own.  Then the next day she went with nothing on her head - completely bald - and all of a sudden people were getting out of her way, being super kind, and little kids were staring at her. :)  She said that all of the Disney Characters were coming up and giving her hugs and high fives.  (she ended up giving the little kids funny faces!)

She had an awesome trip and came home to me on the 19th exhausted and sore.  Just in time to sleep for a day before getting her last chemo treatment!  She and I have been practically hooked at the hip since the end of August.  I cried as she drove away to go on her trip.  I can't believe how much I missed her during her time away.  I am so excited to have her home again and get rested up for her major surgery next month.  She is so funny and full of so much crazy information that comes out at the most random moments!  Morgan is certainly one of the supreme joys in my life!!

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