Sunday, December 26, 2010

No More Chemo!!!

Tuesday, December 21st, was Morgan's LAST chemo treatment!!! She did really well without any reactions.  When it was over, we were walking out of the treatment room and her nurse met her with a bottle of sparkling apple cider....just like champagne to celebrate.  Then as we walked down the hall she was hugged by another nurse and the doctor each giving her congratulatory hugs!  It was kinda fun!!

Morgan was hungry so we stopped at In 'n Out and then came home.  She seemed to feel pretty well and had a good night.  Wednesday she wanted to go to school for the SilverRush Assembly, then to get her last shot of Neulasta after that.  By bedtime she was starting to feel achy and tired.  Thursday morning Morgan woke up... and said that it was the first day she wished that she hadn't woken up!  She was so sore and could barely move.  She laid around all day and felt worse than she had probably the whole time!  I think she just hadn't had the time to rest up for this last treatment, plus she had kind of pushed it the day before.

Friday was a bad day as well....everything hurt.  Everytime I even touched her she screamed, "Ouch!" She laid on the couch and observed while we built gingerbread houses and played games.  I felt so bad, I had nothing that I could do for her.  We went to a family Christmas party and she did a pretty good job of participating, but was still very hurt each time someone hugged her or bumped into her.

Saturday morning came early....6 a m! We had to be finished with presents by 9 am to get Kylee and Kevin to the airport.  It was a much better day as far as pain and nausea go.  We went to the movie as a family and she watched some movies at home.  I can tell she is feeling better just by listening to her talk and even joke around.  We are so excited to think that her last "bad chemo day" is over!!!

Right now the next appointment on our list is Jan 11th when she will have a PET Scan to see how well the chemo worked on killing the cancer and keeping it from spreading.  We will meet the next day with her oncologist to get the results and then two days later on the 14th she will have her surgery up at Huntsman!!

Happy Holidays and best wishes to all of you!!!  Thanks for the meals, the prayers, support and love!! We can feel your support and couldn't do it without you!!!

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