Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snowboarding at Snowbird

So yesterday Morgan went with her friend snowboarding at Snowbird.  She was really excited to go as it has been a really long time since she has been boarding and it was to be a great day out of the house.  Of course, I was worried that she would overdo it and not feel well.  I made sure she took along her little box of medication just in case she got nauseous or began to really hurt.

She left at 7 am and I didn't hear much all day.  The house phone rang around noon and I could hear her boarding and talking....she bum-called me!  I started yelling her name into the phone until she yelled back, "what?" It was so funny cuz apparently she looked up the mountain to see who was yelling at her.  We talked while she was standing on top of the mountain and she was doing great and having fun.

I spoke to her again around 6:30 to see when she would be home.  She was back at her friend's house eating dinner and sounded great...but said there was a story she needed to tell me about what happened right after I had talked to her on the mountain....well, apparently her bindings broke.  She struggled for a while, walked some, and finally sat down as she could do no more.  There is much more to the story, but you'll have to talk to her for the details!

A first-aid guy skied by and asked if they needed help.  She explained that she had just had chemo during the last week and was exhausted.  He called another guy to come help, they strapped her in the toboggan, and pulled her down the hill....they called it a "courtesy ride."  She said it was awesome!  The ride was smooth and they were skiing so fast that at one turn she thought she was going to flip out of the sled.  She tried to sit up as a reflex but couldn't move since she was all strapped in tight.  The took her all the way down into the "plaza" where the shops are and everyone was staring at her.  She climbed out of the sled and then had to wait for her friends to make it down the mountain to her.  Now, that would have been a strange sight!

WOW!!! I guess what I don't know really doesn't hurt me!  Good thing I didn't find out what was going on until after it was all over and she was home safe and sound.

Morgan had an amazing day and said the weather was perfect.  However, she was so sore when she got home that she couldn't move.  When I came home from the store, I found her in her bedroom flat on the floor.  I was climbing over her trying to make her bed while she told me about her day.  I wanted her to move over so I wouldn't accidentally stand on her head, but she couldn't even do that.  She said it was worth it.  I know that today she will be paying for it....but she hasn't got out of bed yet!  I'll keep ya posted!  Love that girl!!!  NEVER a dull moment!

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