Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Li Fraumeni Screening #1

It has been six months since Morgan's PET scan in January so we contacted Huntsman and asked about what to do concerning her screening for Li Fraumeni.  She was scheduled for a visit to dermatology, bloodwork, brain MRI, and a full body MRI.

Dermatology was first.  They did a head to toe exam looking for anything out of the ordinary and didn't find anything.  It really was just a baseline appointment and we won't have to go back for two years unless something shows up that is a concern.  Morgan's bloodwork looked really good.  She has a few things that show up a little low, but supposedly that is left over from the chemotherapy.

The brain MRI had really good news!  There were no solid masses which would indicate tumors.  A couple of areas of white matter were "overintensified" which is indicative of "chemo brain."  It explains why she sometimes feels fuzzy or can't remember something.  The doctors said that on most people this wouldn't even be mentioned, they would just say that your scan was normal.  It may or may not resolve itself.  Also, some small cysts showed up in her sinus that are most likely left over from a sinus infection, but no worries.

The full body MRI covered from the base of her skull to the base of her spine.  Again, it was really good news!  She has a small ovarian cyst that will resolve itself but other than that a CLEAN SCAN!!!  We are so very blessed!

The plan now is to do another scan in six months to see if there are any changes in any of the above mentioned issues.  Morgan has decided to attend Herriman High School with me this year so for now her job is to just live as normal a life as possible for a 16/17 year old girl! 

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