Thursday, August 18, 2011

Komen Invitation!

Since they have sent it out and it is on their website now, I thought I would share...


  1. I just checked my email and found an email from the Race for the Cure with Morgan's picture on it. She is beautiful! I am a breast cancer survivor as well. I thought I was young when I was diagnosed (33). I have been through chemo and just had my bilateral mastectomy two weeks ago. I still have radiation and reconstruction to look forward to.
    I just wanted to leave a comment and tell Morgan that I am so impressed with her courage and strength. Fighting cancer is hard and scary and I can't imagine having to do that as a teenager. So glad that you are cancer free and I hope that everything is going well for you.
    Hugs and love from a fellow survivor
    -Desirae Ogden :)

  2. Dear Morgan,

    First, I hope you are doing incredibly well.

    Your story made it on the news in a country way far away from the States.

    This article is on El Mercurio's website from Chile (yeah, at the very end of South America).

    Keep it strong! :)