Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chemo #4....2/3rds of the way!!!

Kylee (Morgan's big sis), Nancy (my big sis), and I went with Morgan for this round of chemo.  It went really fast since she DID NOT have a reaction!!! Yay!! I am sure it is because we had her doped up on so much steroids and benadryl.  I am sure her body is getting used to it as well.  But, I guess that isn't the whole truth.....she kind of became anxious and antsy after the benadryl....she couldn't hold still and had to move around a lot.  It was fun to watch, but she sure looked good with her new hair on.

Found out the bag of Cytoxin runs around $120, but the bag of Taxotere, (the one that almost killed her) costs ......$15,658!!!!!!! Her bill at Utah Cancer Specialists is up to just over $78,000!!! Thankfully she is double insured!

Her G'ma Watson made her an awesome cuddly blanket to keep her warm during her treatments.  All of the other patients, and even the nurse, is jealous and want to take it home.  Morgan is doing a great job pulling through all of this.  She takes so many different medications, it confuses me all the time.  Of course she doesn't want to most of the time which reminds me of when she was little and would spit the liquid syrup back out at me right in the face!

Today we went back into the office to get her Neulasta shot.  She is such a pro I didn't even go back in the room with her this time...  Nancy and I stayed in the waiting room talking to a lady who had just come in for her first appointment.  I must say that I felt really strange being the more "experienced" one who was consoling the new patient. As I told her that she would be okay and could make it through gave me a strange feeling of calm and peace, because I knew that I wasn't lying and trying to make her feel better.  Yay for us!  Just the few things Morgan was able to say to her could make a huge impact on her and give her a little relief at this crazy time. She has the ability to influence and change the world. It is a good feeling!!

P.S. I got my P53 test results back today....I am negative!  It is both good and bad news to me.  I am relieved to not have to worry about Kylee, Riley, and my siblings and their families.  But, I think it would have helped Morgan to maybe have someone to fight with.

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